Test Drive Nissan Maxima 2010

The sun because the 2010 Nissan Maxima. The 4 door sports car that 290 horsepower flagship for the Japanese car giant has a reason to brag when you really think about it there’s been a huge growth in horse power over the last 30 years getting nearly 300 horsepower out of what used to be derisively referred to as our rice burner which is now a pavement burner is pretty amazing. In the 19 eighties some Porsche models put out about 200 horsepower that’s 80 horsepower less than the current Nissan maxima. Think about that maximize our our family vehicles or by our flagship vehicle redesigned it 2009 just a great vehicle come. Automatic. It’s gotten up. What we now call the 4 door sports car so it’s not only you know utilization for a good man.

nissan maxima Also has a Sporty Feel so that you. Something else that was more science fiction in the eighties but is taken for granted today is GPS navigation system also takes care of that guys don’t ask for directions. This is one of my favorite features of the Nissan maxima it’s gonna button that says where am I It tells you. St Iran the last street here on. In the street that’s next up it’s really cool the technology package includes real time traffic and streaming audio. In other words if you can let Pandora out of her box if she’s on your blackberry war on your iPhone and will play through the Maxima sophisticated audio system without any court.

The Maxima also has a backup camera system that’s part of the $700 option package. I think back up cameras are a great safety feature even on sedans although they originated on big SUV’s to prevent back over tragedies usually involving children. I still turn my head around to look behind me but I find that backup cameras on sedans still detect low objects that are hard to see like flower beds cement parking things. New led fog lights and Nissan Maxima headlights. My point is if I can see it I can avoid hitting it. By the way if you’re under 30 you may not know this but Nissan wasn’t always called me son it used to be called Dotson. The first Dotson was built in Japan in 1914. Then the sound company was founded in 1933 the cards however would still call Dotson. In 1933 the Datsun type 15 was the first mass produced Japanese car the first Datsun sedan was imported to the United States in 1958 it have 48 horsepower. That’s about 250 less than today’s match. In 1969 Datsun introduced this Z as in 1970 mile. It boasted what we think consider creature comforts on a sports car roll up windows and I hear.

I use to think of it as a jaguar E type that was affordable according to the company’s website the Datsun Z became the world’s bestselling sports car. By 1975 Dodson became the top US vehicle importer. In 1983 Dotson started marketing all of its cars around the world as Nissan’s. It had something to do with making the brand messaging consistent around the globe I think. I didn’t really understand it back then that I’m not sure I do now but I feel the same way about Yanni. But back to the Maxwell the kids 19 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway 0 to 60 time is 6.one seconds. Which means you can have decent fuel economy good acceleration and comfort in both your wallet and your backseat. Its base price in the 3.5 SV trim is about $33000 the maximalist you choose between the phone book that you have stored on your handset and a phone book that you can create in your car which is actually a really good idea because the probably a lot of people in your hands at phone book but they’re not SO with that many people you want to call from the car but the system isn’t perfect. And said phonebook. Handset phone book please say a stork name.