Car Hyundai H1 is a true helper of the family.

Car Hyundai H1The car is largely retained the features of its inverse image of Mitsubishi Space Gear and become one of the most popular family cars. Despite the impressive dimensions, the car has a turning diameter of a little more than 11 meters, which allows to park and maneuver well, taking into account the availability of rear sliding doors to facilitate boarding and alighting process.

Of course, you can complain about the lack of permeability that is caused by clearance of 190 mm with a length of more than five meters. However, the car is designed for family trips to nature, not to ride on the off-road. And with this task it copes perfectly.

The car is equipped with a capacious trunk, which is free to accommodate all things of passengers. And if you use the space occupied by the rear seats, the trunk volume is significantly increased. Wide rear doors allow to ship in a car even large items.