What is the difference between forged wheels and the alloys ones?

wheelsForged wheels are made from the same materials (alloys), that the alloy are, characterized only the technology of production: forged wheels are produced by industrial hot forging, and then, as well as the cast, hardened of undergo a process and artificial aging.

Based on manufacturing techniques such wheels are somewhat easier than their alloy counterparts, but they have a much higher strength, less brittleness and in some cases they are completely maintainable. During hard bumps such discs can be deformed without destroying it, just the impact force required for deformation, are needed much more than for a steel disc.

The main drawback of forged wheels lies in the impact – on a large pit and at high speed forged wheel is likely to remain whole, but at the same time give the full force of the impact on the car’s suspension, which on this load, in most cases is not designed. Therefore, to “catch” a hole at speed on forged discs it is strongly recommended at the first opportunity to call in to the service station and check the condition of the suspension.