Review: 2004 Nissan Titan

With only the smaller frontier pickup, in its lineup Nissan was ready to go head to head, with the big boys Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Toyota pickup truck, buyers are highly loyal to their brands so this way, a customer over to Nissan company brass knew they had to make a huge impression right from the start and in fact. They did so much so that the tightness catapulted itself to the number one spot here drive time with its innovative design features killer body work and a workforce engine my test models the 4 by 2 FC crew cab with 4 forward hinged doors it has a bad that’s just over 5.5 feet in length and an enormous. Interior with rear seat space more commodious overall than a Cadillac deville no more complaints from your friends about riding in the backseat of your pick up. Sitting back there is comparable to without the vertical rate to the back rest so commonly found the rear seats of trucks. And for one cargo room is more important the seats are up and out of the way in a flash.

2004 Nissan TitanThe Titan does just about everything in a class leading way unlike most of its competitors the Titan comes with one engine. A 5.6 liter, 32 valve V8 making 305 horse power and a massive 379 pound feet of torque but when equipped with the $850 big tow package allows for 9500 pounds. Of towing capability and though the Dodge ram hemi makes 40 more horsepower returns outlets toward other options fitted to my test teichner what Nissan calls the popular package which adds a 6 disc CD changer with steering wheel controls a front split bench seat with a cavernous center console feature auto dimming rear view mirror adjustable pedals and extended overhead console and rear entertainment system controls all for $900. Then there’s the off road package that includes wider but smaller 17 inch wheels tough Rancho shocks a lower axle ratio fog lamps, tow hooks and skid plates for $950 and lastly behind the lead heavy tailgate. Is a Nissan invention called utility that provides for move will tie down cleats for securing your cargo with ease a spray on bedliner a 12 volt outlet in the bed this clever driver side lock box for expensive tools and tailgate area lighting again heading $900 all told this Titan cost 30300 and it’s price considerably less than a comparably equipped competitors models and come standard with more thought to the design features. For additional information on headlights Nissan go to

Behind the bold grills what Nissan refers to as its endurance engine it’s super strong but the drive by wire throttle control was very sensitive to your right foot resulting in abrupt take off if you’re not careful the 5 speed automatic transmission with the shifter on the column also has a manual shift mode by flicking the switch unusual in this kind of set up and while I love the Titan for its blend of smartness luxury and rugged performance for a bargain price it’s huge turning radius makes it a nightmare in parking lots and could greatly benefit from GM’s quad risk your technology gas mileage is in line with all other similar trucks of 14 city and 19 highway Nissan’s first half ton pick up was a huge success and will certainly raise the bar for its counterparts.

Test Drive Nissan Maxima 2010

The sun because the 2010 Nissan Maxima. The 4 door sports car that 290 horsepower flagship for the Japanese car giant has a reason to brag when you really think about it there’s been a huge growth in horse power over the last 30 years getting nearly 300 horsepower out of what used to be derisively referred to as our rice burner which is now a pavement burner is pretty amazing. In the 19 eighties some Porsche models put out about 200 horsepower that’s 80 horsepower less than the current Nissan maxima. Think about that maximize our our family vehicles or by our flagship vehicle redesigned it 2009 just a great vehicle come. Automatic. It’s gotten up. What we now call the 4 door sports car so it’s not only you know utilization for a good man.

nissan maxima Also has a Sporty Feel so that you. Something else that was more science fiction in the eighties but is taken for granted today is GPS navigation system also takes care of that guys don’t ask for directions. This is one of my favorite features of the Nissan maxima it’s gonna button that says where am I It tells you. St Iran the last street here on. In the street that’s next up it’s really cool the technology package includes real time traffic and streaming audio. In other words if you can let Pandora out of her box if she’s on your blackberry war on your iPhone and will play through the Maxima sophisticated audio system without any court.

The Maxima also has a backup camera system that’s part of the $700 option package. I think back up cameras are a great safety feature even on sedans although they originated on big SUV’s to prevent back over tragedies usually involving children. I still turn my head around to look behind me but I find that backup cameras on sedans still detect low objects that are hard to see like flower beds cement parking things. New led fog lights and Nissan Maxima headlights. My point is if I can see it I can avoid hitting it. By the way if you’re under 30 you may not know this but Nissan wasn’t always called me son it used to be called Dotson. The first Dotson was built in Japan in 1914. Then the sound company was founded in 1933 the cards however would still call Dotson. In 1933 the Datsun type 15 was the first mass produced Japanese car the first Datsun sedan was imported to the United States in 1958 it have 48 horsepower. That’s about 250 less than today’s match. In 1969 Datsun introduced this Z as in 1970 mile. It boasted what we think consider creature comforts on a sports car roll up windows and I hear.

I use to think of it as a jaguar E type that was affordable according to the company’s website the Datsun Z became the world’s bestselling sports car. By 1975 Dodson became the top US vehicle importer. In 1983 Dotson started marketing all of its cars around the world as Nissan’s. It had something to do with making the brand messaging consistent around the globe I think. I didn’t really understand it back then that I’m not sure I do now but I feel the same way about Yanni. But back to the Maxwell the kids 19 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway 0 to 60 time is seconds. Which means you can have decent fuel economy good acceleration and comfort in both your wallet and your backseat. Its base price in the 3.5 SV trim is about $33000 the maximalist you choose between the phone book that you have stored on your handset and a phone book that you can create in your car which is actually a really good idea because the probably a lot of people in your hands at phone book but they’re not SO with that many people you want to call from the car but the system isn’t perfect. And said phonebook. Handset phone book please say a stork name.

Headlight Mods On The 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT

Which server everybody’s. You might notice I don’t have a number on my car right now. That’s K. as it’s right here today we’re gonna be taking off for 2005 Hyundai Elantra headlights and doing some mods inside of them let’s get to. Let me hear you installing. Switch back and we can do. They are sequential. It turn signal actually moves from one side to the other guy dynamics we have to say. Their demand I. So high terrific. My 247 passenger. The matches have around.

2005 Hyundai Elantra headlightsThis is where we’re actually gonna install the. LED 2005 hyundai elantra headlights tubes it’s gonna go along this. This train right near. Do you realize of course into willow being protectors. This headlight is already. To go and sign a. It’s Good. Well we got the 2005 Hyundai Elantra headlights boat debate and. I opened up. Carecredit question. Rosa doing these inserts from inside light. Didn’t I. Test. Screwdriver. So it’s been a few hours since the last update but that’s because.

This thing has this whole project Headlight has been a huge mess we’re getting something out of it. Were mounting the demon eyes right now LED strips were probably gonna have to wait awhile on. Because the yeah. World terminal. Are we. 4. That’s actually pretty go pick up my car. Icon. Thanks for checking on.

Car sales in China rose by a quarter

Car sales in ChinaIn July 2016 in China there were sold 1.6 million cars, which is 26.3% higher than in the same month last year. For seven months of the year, the Chinese market has increased to 12.65 million cars (+11,1%), remained to be the largest in the world.

As it has been explained, the increase in demand was due to a halving of tax of buying of new cars with Chrysler Grand Voyager warning lights and engine capacity up to 1.6 liters, whose share exceeds 70%. Among the auto companies, showing a significant increase in July sales in China, there are Volkswagen with the result of 285,9 thousand cars (+16%) and General Motors with the record of 270.5 thousand units (+18%).

SAAM has predicted that by the end of the year the Chinese car market will grow by 6% compared to last year, when it was sold 21.15 million cars.

Car Hyundai H1 is a true helper of the family.

Car Hyundai H1The car is largely retained the features of its inverse image of Mitsubishi Space Gear and become one of the most popular family cars. Despite the impressive dimensions, the car has a turning diameter of a little more than 11 meters, which allows to park and maneuver well, taking into account the availability of rear sliding doors to facilitate boarding and alighting process.

Of course, you can complain about the lack of permeability that is caused by clearance of 190 mm with a length of more than five meters. However, the car is designed for family trips to nature, not to ride on the off-road. And with this task it copes perfectly.

The car is equipped with a capacious trunk, which is free to accommodate all things of passengers. And if you use the space occupied by the rear seats, the trunk volume is significantly increased. Wide rear doors allow to ship in a car even large items.

The longest off-road cars of our time.

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6.

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6Of course, this monster with length of 5 875 mm can’t be found every day in city traffic. However, Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 is available for purchase later this year in the Russian market. Paying only 24.5 million. Rubles, you can become the owner of an extremely unusual utility vehicle weighing nearly 4 tons, equipped with a powerful V8 in volume of 5.5 liters and output of 544 hp. Due to the special design of the chassis, the maximum speed of G 63 AMG 6×6 is only 160.0 km / h.

Cadillac Escalade.

Current generation of one of the luxury SUV from American manufacturers became available in the distant 2006. Vehicle length is 5149 mm. The machine is equipped with a productive, 6.2-liter V8 rated at 409 hp. Disperse to hundreds is 6.8 seconds and a top speed -. 170 km / h.

Range Rover Autobiography V8.

range roverVehicle length is 5 meters without 1 mm. This pretty fast Range Rover is equipped with a 5-liter V8 engine with 510 hp. Due to not the biggest weight (2330 kg) and the 8-speed automatic transmission, the Jeep accelerated to a hundred in just 5.4 sec., and the maximum speed is limited to 225 km / h.

What is the difference between forged wheels and the alloys ones?

wheelsForged wheels are made from the same materials (alloys), that the alloy are, characterized only the technology of production: forged wheels are produced by industrial hot forging, and then, as well as the cast, hardened of undergo a process and artificial aging.

Based on manufacturing techniques such wheels are somewhat easier than their alloy counterparts, but they have a much higher strength, less brittleness and in some cases they are completely maintainable. During hard bumps such discs can be deformed without destroying it, just the impact force required for deformation, are needed much more than for a steel disc.

The main drawback of forged wheels lies in the impact – on a large pit and at high speed forged wheel is likely to remain whole, but at the same time give the full force of the impact on the car’s suspension, which on this load, in most cases is not designed. Therefore, to “catch” a hole at speed on forged discs it is strongly recommended at the first opportunity to call in to the service station and check the condition of the suspension.